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WHY Choose Private School in Costa Rica?

Many families moving to Costa Rica wonder whether they should choose private or public school. With Costa Rica's reputation for having a good public school system this is a logical question. However, there are a few things to consider before you decide.

The main reason for most families to choose private school in Costa Rica is consistency. With a private school you know that your child will be in school, Monday through Friday for a set period of time. Frequently, with the public schools this is not the case. Schedules can be confusing and often (at least outside of the Central Valley) classes are cancelled because a teacher couldn't come. 

Another important reason is for language instruction. The public schools are equipped to teach students who are native Spanish speakers. They are not really prepared to teach Spanish as a second language. Students who do not already know Spanish will struggle to keep up with the class. 

These are important things to think about as you prepare for your move. 

Mareas Academy Private School Samara Costa Rica

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