At Mareas, we are committed to creating a caring, child-centered academic environment, where freedom and flexibility go hand in hand with learning from the most qualified teachers in the Samara area.


Lenina Araya Orocu

Founder & Director, 

Lenina is a native of San Jose, Costa Rica, where she completed her studies at the Universidad de Santa Paula with a specialization in Special Education, with an emphasis on Speech Therapy. She has worked exclusively with children  for the last 15 years and truly enjoys the time spent with them, nurturing them as they grow and learn. Her other passions are reading, riding her bicycle, and spending time with her family.


Miroslava Castro

Presschool- Kindergarten 


Miros (as we call her affectionately) is originally from Venezuela, graduated from the Pedagogical Institute of Caracas, Magnacunlauden mention in Preschool Education with an emphasis on pedagogy. She has more than 19 years of experience, also, it is Sensie de Karate Do Style Shito Ryu 3rd Dan. Sh has been in the Mareas family since October 2016

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Emily Arroyo

1st-3rd Grade Teacher,

English, Science, Math and Social Studies.

Emily is a graduate of the University of North Carolina. After finishing her studies, she decided to move to Costa Rica to be part of the Mareas family and has been with us since April 2018. Emily enjoys sharing and creating fun lessons for her students.

Her hobbies are cooking and going to the beach.


Patricia Janzen

4th - 6th  Grade Teacher,

English, Science, Math and Social Studies.

Patricia is from Astoria, Oregon in the United States. 

She graduated with her Master’s degree in Special Education from George Fox University. She also holds degrees from the same university in early childhood education, elementary education, and English for speakers of other languages. 

In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family, go to the beach, and play with her dog. She is also an avid baker and constantly trying new things in the kitchen. 

Like many teachers, Patricia loves learning and is constantly seeking ways to enhance her knowledge both professionally, as a teacher, and personally.

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Paul Albury

7th-12th Grade, English,  Social Studies, Math and Science Teacher

Paul is the science and math teacher for grades 4 and up in Mareas, this is his third year in school! He is a double citizen of the Bahamas and the United Kingdom, grew up mainly in the south of England and recently graduated with a degree in Engineering from the University of Leicester. Since arriving in Samara, he has been practicing beach volleyball and is trying to learn Salsa dancing.


Melissa Jimenez 

Grades 1- 12 Spanish and  Spanish as a Second Laguage, Social Studies from Costa Rica and Economics for the upper grades.

Melissa is originally from Costa Rica and has experience as a university professor of economics, as well as teaching Spanish as a second language. She likes to practice sports such as volleyball, reading and painting.

Melissa is a very enthusiastic and cheerful person, and is very happy to be part of the Mareas family

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Maria Matarrita

1st-6th Grade,Spanish and Spanish as a Second Language and Social Studies  Teacher

Maria is originally from  Costa Rica and has a 

Bachelor Degree in Science Education with emphasis on Special Education.

She also knows Costa Rican Sign Language (LESCO).

On her free time she likes to spend time with her friends and family. She enjoys to paint and draw, read  books and be constantly learning and updating  Education, being a very important aspect in her life, which she loves, is passionate about it and inspires her.