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At Mareas Academy we are happy to have visiting students join us. We offer flexible options for families visiting Costa Rica who would like their children to participate in school, get to know other children and cultures and learn Spanish.


Students who visit our school enjoy being with our full time students and joining our community. Time at Mareas is time to be with other children, run, play, and learn from our trained and licensed teach.

Because of their unique needs, and the small size of our middle and high school programs, we currently only offer short-term (less than 3 months) visiting programs for students in Pre-K through 9th grade.  


Children who visit our school have the option to join the regularly scheduled classes, and participate with the rest of the school in all of the activities from Art taught by a professional artist to taking a live tour of the International Space Station. Our classes are interactive and engaging and each lesson blends real world application with academic learning. Our non-traditional approach is low-tech, we have computers but they are used for specific lessons and always with a designated purpose, kids are never just "plugged-in". 


We offer small group Spanish classes and private Spanish tutoring, to visiting Kindergarten students, Elementary students, Middle School and High School students and who want to really get into the language by going to school in Costa Rica. Our professional teachers have years of experience with children and are great at keeping them involved.


We don't recommend classes of more than 2 hours of Spanish per day for students under 13, we have found, through experience, that more than two hours is very difficult for the average elementary school student to focus on one subject and really absorb what they learn.


However, time in the Spanish classroom is reinforced by every day's interactions with their fellow students. The default language at Mareas on the playground and in the lunch room could be in Spanish, our full-time students willingly help visitors to understand the flow of the game or activity and new friendships are built.


If you are planning a visit to the Samara area and would like more information please contact us!

We loved our time at Mareas. My family spent 6 weeks in Samara last summer, and our 3 girls, ages 12, 12 and 10, really enjoyed their time there. The staff was warm and welcoming, and they were very flexible in meeting the needs of our family. Our girls made friends with kids from Costa Rica as well as from other countries. They even got to participate in a cultural dance and celebration while we were there. Thank you Mareas for a great experience! - Claire S., California

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