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The High School Program in Tides is designed to be interactive, cooperative and highly stimulating. Our students come from various types of teaching and we work hard to create a supportive environment, where our students can explore their individuality, as well as learn the importance of working together and respecting their community.


The high school academic program consists of Mathematics, Science, language and literature in English, language and literature in Spanish, Social Studies, both in Spanish and English and, as well as additional courses that vary each year. This year's elective courses are Health, Physical Education and Entrepreneurship. All high school students participate in additional courses.


As a general rule, we do not recommend that families with high school students move to another country for a "cultural experience" or to learn a language. Students of this age need their peers and often do not react well to such a drastic change in their school and social situations.

High School kayaking trip in Samara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
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