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Elementary students from Grades 1-3 work, learn, explore and play together daily. This gives each student a chance to work at their actual academic level in each subject and not to be strictly limited by their grade. Students who have completed their work are often seen helping others, which builds an excellent sense of community and teamwork. 


The elementary curriculum consists of English Language Arts, Spanish Language Arts, Social Studies in English and Spanish, Science, Math, Art and Physical Education. Each day consists of a blend of classes in English and Spanish, and the children easily switch between the two languages depending on the language they are working in.

This group often goes on adventures or organizes activities to support and reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. There is an emphasis on making and exploring connections between classroom learning and life outside the classroom. This helps students to build on their education  and helps them to become responsible members of the community It makes what is learned in the classroom relevant to their daily lives which helps children achieve greater understanding about what they are learning and why it is important.

Students who are not fully fluent in one or both languages participate in English (ESL) or Spanish (SSL) as a second language classes instead of traditional language arts classes until they reach fluency.

Private School Costa Rica

Elementary school on beach in Samara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Elementary student presenting at school in Samara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
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